Psychotherapy and art therapy, counseling and coaching

I offer therapeutic advice in Wahlwies at the Lake Constance, for English native speakers or for patients, whose first language is not German.

“We all should know before we die what we are running to and from and why.”

I like this quote very much, which I found on the website of some colleagues in the US ( Basically, this is what therapy is all about: Getting to know yourself, getting answers to asked or unasked questions, for a better life. Because I believe that only knowledge and understanding can help us to truly find ourselves. And sometimes a little help might be needed.

During my years as an advisor, counselor and psychotherapist, it has been my experience that most people who seek my service are intact and functioning individuals with a feeling, that something important is missing in their relationships or in their lives. Or they want to change something about the direction their life has taken. My goal has always been and will always be to support my clients in clarifying their life situation, identifying the choices which might be available to them, and helping to find the freedom to act upon those choices. 

Center for psychotherapy and art therapy

Susan M. Rüffer, M.A., M.A., "Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie" and art therapist

The following forms of therapy are offered:

  • classic psychotherpay
  • art therapy
  • mindfulness training
  • relaxation therapy and techniques

Focus and topics of my work:

  • emotional problems
  • conflicts of different sorts, within family, at work, within partnership
  • separation, sadness and grief
  • depression and burn-uut, preventative or cure of
  • psychosomatic disorders
  • pain
  • chronic illnesses
  • anxiety
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD
  • eating disorder
  • trauma

Every mental or physical problem has more than one reason, be it a depression, state of exhaustion, cancer, a chronic disease, no matter what. There is a deeper meaning behind every illness, a necessity to reflect and rethink issues of one's life, to view them from a new angle, in a new light, or even to reevaluate them. Thus, an illness can be understood as a task to face necessary changes in life. The ultimate goal will always be to reach a mental, inner and physical balance, to trust self-efficacy, to activate self-healing processes for a happy and positive life.

Can you answer one of the following questions with YES? Then maybe it's time to take action:

Do you frequently feel overstrained and unable to cope?

Are you feeling sad, exhausted, depressed?

Do you or one of your loved ones suffer from a chronic disease or a serious or fatal illness?

We all face different challenges in everyday life. When they keep us from living the life we want to live, when they affect us so much, that we feel empty and manipulated, then we should think about getting help. Psychotherapy can help you on your way to find solutions. The first step is easy - even if it feels like a challenge - and the next steps, we can take together.

Good to know:

You can make an appointment via the phone. I will give you some information about the procedure, cost, timeline.

When we have our first session, I will ask you about your medical history, background and reason to see me. During the next 4 sessions we will find out if we can work together. Only a stable, trustful, open relationship between you and me as your therapist can lead us to a successful and satisfying collaboration. You must feel safe here and be ready to work with me. Creating an environment of authentic acceptance with understanding is the first step towards establishing this relationship and moving towards healing.

Together we will define the goal of our collaboration, which we will reevaluate from time to time. Sometimes the goal changes; you come with one goal on your mind and we find something more important to work on during therapy. That is fine and necessary, to stay open and ready to adjust to your needs.


I am situated in Stockach Wahlwies, close to Radolfzell, Singen, Überlingen and Bodman-Ludwigshsafen. You can easily come here by car, there are parking lots right in front of the house, or by train. From the train station Wahlwies, it is only a 5-minutes-walk.

Art therapy:

Art therapy can make inner "images" visible, which one does not have words for. Your very own, creative force is activated. Here, in this safe and inspiring studio, you can try out colors, forms, material without being judged or evaluated. The process of creation itself has a healing force and is an important, moving experience for everyone new to art therapy. When we talk about the pictures and items created, they can help to open up new horizons and viewpoints.

Mindfulness and the art of relaxation:

I selectively use mindfulness based techniques and relaxation techniques, guided meditation or the technique of imaginary journeys. And it is astounding, how many of us have forgotten mindfulness towards others and themselves. Or have forgotten or "unlearnt" how to relax. Sometimes it just needs a little help to reactivate these strengths and possibilities.

Please note:

Before we can start psychotherapy, counseling or art therapy, you need to see your medical doctor. Some mental problems may have physical reasons and must be treated by a physician. Please bringt the results of your physician's examination to our first appointment, so that this information can be used for the development of your therapeutic treatment.